Book of Secrets

Book of Secrets Author Thomas Eaton
ISBN-10 0740777548
Release 2008-10-21
Pages 152
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Did you know there's a secret daily flight from the United States to Cuba? Or, that in 1966, the U.S. government smashed a bacteria-laden light bulb inside the New York subway system? Thomas Eaton's Book of Secrets reveals hundreds of clandestine, covert, surreptitious, furtive, hush-hush, and taboo pop-cultural and historical curiosities, from government cover-ups to marketing tricks to Colonel Sander's secret recipe. Practical secrets are also revealed, such as how to obtain a flight upgrade, speak in public, or win friends and influence people. Production features include a Kivar cover with rounded corners and foil stamping.

The Book of Secrets

The Book of Secrets Author Osho
ISBN-10 9780880507707
Release 2012-05-15
Pages 1330
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The Book of Secrets is a step by step guide to find the best meditation suitable for you. 112 methods of meditation are described and introduced here with helpful background information to give contemporary people a door to meditation. Reading this book, not only will your outlook on life change, but so will your life. If you want to know more about life and yourself this is your book. Each chapter that focuses on describing specific meditation techniques is followed by a chapter of questions from those who were present during the talks. In most cases, their questions relate to the techniques given in the previous chapter. So, as you start to experiment with a technique, it will be helpful to look into these chapters for some extra hint, some greater depth of understanding, or response to a question that might have arisen for you in your experiments.

The Book Of Secrets

The Book Of Secrets Author Deepak Chopra
ISBN-10 9781407025711
Release 2009-01-19
Pages 288
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Crafted with all the skills that have made his previous books bestsellers, The Book of Secrets will be essential reading for Deepak Chopra's huge number of followers worldwide, and also appeal to everyone searching for the meaning of life, and looking for answers to the questions: Who Am I? Where Did I Come From? and Why Am I Here? Each of the fifteen chapters discusses a 'secret' - such as: The World Is In You; Transformation Is Not The Same As Change; Death Is Conquered By Dying Every Day; Everything Is Pure Essence. Chopra believes that 'Every life is a book of secrets ready to be opened', and that the only way to discover the answers to these secrets is to delve inside yourself, and cease to be a mystery to yourself. Only by going to 'the still point inside' can you see life as it really is.

The Book of Secrets

The Book of Secrets Author M.G. Vassanji
ISBN-10 9781250109187
Release 2015-12-29
Pages 360
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In 1988, a retired schoolteacher named Pius Fernandes receives an old diary found in the back room of an East African shop. Written in 1913 by a British colonial administrator, the diary captivates Fernandes, who begins to research the coded history he encounters in its terse, laconic entries. What he uncovers is a story of forbidden liaisons and simmering vengeances, family secrets and cultural exiles--a story that leads him on an investigative journey through his own past and Africa's.

The Book of Secrets

The Book of Secrets Author Daniel Pineda
ISBN-10 1609253388
Release 2011-03-01
Pages 176
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From the strange symbols on a one-dollar bill to the secret signs of the Knights Templar and Freemasons, invisible societies, and the world of magic and alchemy, The Book of Secrets is a comprehensive introduction to the world of secret and esoteric knowledge throughout history. It offers a doorway into the initiated secret traditions of the fascinating unseen spiritual world: its symbols, secret societies, and seers. You’ll discover: Key Concepts: the Great Work, the Universal Force, Polarity, the Four Elements, Magick and Mysticism, Esoteric Anatomy, Qabalah, Alchemy, Astrology, the Astral Plane, and more. Symbolism: More than 100 secrets symbols, words, objects, including their meanings and the secret powers they invoke. Secret Societies and Holy Orders: The gatekeepers and the transmitters of sacred knowledge: Freemasons, O.T.O., Cathars, Templars, Assassins. Pineda places them all in history and geography and explains who they are/were and what they stood for. Luminaries and Seers: More than 200 legends and historical personages: Hermes Trismegistus, Jesus, Siddartha, Osiris, and other seers from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the 19th and 20th centuries.

Das Buch der Geheimnisse

Das Buch der Geheimnisse Author Deepak Chopra
ISBN-10 3442218411
Release 2008
Pages 381
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Das Buch der Geheimnisse has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Das Buch der Geheimnisse also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Das Buch der Geheimnisse book for free.

The Book of Secrets

The Book of Secrets Author Tom Harper
ISBN-10 9781409035879
Release 2010-04-13
Pages 592
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In a snowbound village in the German mountains, a young woman discovers an extraordinary secret. Before she can reveal it, she disappears. All that survives is a picture of a mysterious medieval playing card that has perplexed scholars for centuries. Nick Ash does research for the FBI in New York. Six months ago his girlfriend Gillian walked out and broke his heart. Now he's the only person who can save her - if it's not too late. Within hours of getting her message, Nick finds himself on the run, delving deep into the past before it catches up with him. Hunted across Europe, Nick follows Gillian's trail into the heart of a five-hundred-year-old mystery. But across the centuries, powerful forces are closing around him. There are men who have devoted their lives to keeping the secret, and they will stop at nothing to protect it.

The Black Book of Secrets

The Black Book of Secrets Author F. E. Higgins
ISBN-10 9780330471534
Release 2008-09-04
Pages 336
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When Ludlow Fitch's parents cruelly betray him, he steals away on the back of a carriage and leaves behind the stinking City. He arrives in the dead of night at a remote village, where he crosses paths with the tall and limping figure of Joe Zabbidou - a pawnbroker with a difference. For Joe trades secrets, not goods, for cash. Ludlow is employed to record the villagers' fiendish confessions in The Black Book of Secrets. Bodysnatching; thievery; murder. The people of Pagus Parvus have much to hide. But is Ludlow Fitch ready to release his own skeletons? And will he ever learn to trust his mysterious master?

The Book of Secrets

The Book of Secrets Author A.L. Tait
ISBN-10 9780734417688
Release 2017-09-12
Pages 256
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What's the secret of the book, and why is it so valuable? These are the questions Gabe must answer when a dying man hands him a coded manuscript with one instruction: take it to Aidan. Gabe is hurled into a quest that takes him beyond his monastery home and into a world of danger, political intrigue and adventure. As he seeks to decipher the code and find a mystery man who may not even exist, Gabe learns that survival must be earned and that some of life's biggest lessons are not found in books. Gabe finds himself questioning everything he knows about right and wrong and wondering if he'll ever find a way back home. He also discovers that the biggest secret of all may be his own. 'Not since Emily Rodda's DELTORA QUEST series has there been such an exciting adventure tale from an Australian author. Echoes of Robinson Crusoe make this feel like a classic with a new twist, and it's perfect for readers aged 8 to 12 who are looking for some escapism in the sea of contemporary stories.' - Readings on A.L. Tait's bestselling RACE TO THE END OF THE WORLD

A Book Of Secrets Illegitimate Daughters Absent Fathers

A Book Of Secrets  Illegitimate Daughters  Absent Fathers Author Michael Holroyd
ISBN-10 9781784971434
Release 2015-08-01
Pages 272
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A BOOK OF SECRETS is a masterfully atmospheric treasure-trove of hidden lives, uncelebrated achievements and family mysteries. Acclaimed biographer Michael Holroyd peers into dusty corners to bring a company of unknown women into the light; Alice Keppel was the mistress of both the second Lord Grimthorpe and the Prince of Wales; Eve Fairfax was Lord Grimthorpe's abandoned fiancée and sometime muse of Auguste Rodin; and the novelist Violet Trefusis was the lover of Vita Sackville-West. Taking the reader on a journey of discovery from Ravello to Paris, from Kirkstall Grange in Yorkshire to Vita Sackville-West's home at Knole, A Book of Secrets lucidly gives voice to fragile human connections.

The Book of Secrets of Albertus Magnus

The Book of Secrets of Albertus Magnus Author Michael R. Best
ISBN-10 0877289417
Release 2000-09-01
Pages 176
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A compilation from a number of sources by an anonymous author who, according to editors Best and Brightman, probably was one of Albertus Magnus' followers. A collector's item, it has a more colloquial voice than the writing of the true Albertus Magnus and provides an accurate portrayal of the magical culture that predominated in the 16th century. Part of the Weiser Classic Series. Index, Bibliography, 34 woodcut illustrations.

Books of Secrets

Books of Secrets Author Allison Kavey
ISBN-10 9780252091599
Release 2010-10-01
Pages 216
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How cultural categories shaped--and were shaped by--new ideas about controlling nature Ranging from alchemy to necromancy, "books of secrets" offered medieval readers an affordable and accessible collection of knowledge about the natural world. Allison Kavey's study traces the cultural relevance of these books and also charts their influence on the people who read them. Citing the importance of printers in choosing the books' contents, she points out how these books legitimized manipulating nature, thereby expanding cultural categories, such as masculinity, femininity, gentleman, lady, and midwife, to include the willful command of the natural world.


Dynamo Author Dynamo
ISBN-10 9781911600633
Release 2017-11-02
Pages 192
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Can you keep a secret? Inside this book you will find many, from the mind of one of the most talented magicians in the world: Dynamo. In this fully illustrated guide to modern magic, Dynamo shows you how you can perform magic yourself. Learn how to make water freeze instantly, read your friends' minds, make chewing gum float 360 degrees around your head, slice a banana without even touching it, discover superhuman strength and many more mind-blowing illusions. A magical masterclass, The Book of Secrets will be the first step on an exciting journey for budding magicians, providing hours of breathtaking fun for all the family. #BeTheMagic

A Book of Secrets with Studies in the Art of Self Control

A Book of Secrets  with Studies in the Art of Self Control Author Horatio Willis Dresser
ISBN-10 1230221840
Release 2013-09
Pages 28
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This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can usually download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1903 edition. Excerpt: ... CHAPTER XVII A Soul's Message Peace be unto you! Peace! The peace which passeth all understanding I bring from that eternal world where love and wisdom reign. For, though a humble soul, one not given to vaunting itself, I have access to a superior realm, and one would be unfaithful in the extreme who should keep silence when his lips have learned, at least haltingly, to speak with the spiritual tongue. I live, as do you also, in two worlds. I am, as you are, two selves. With one tongue I might address you concerning the weather, the latest fashion, or the stock market, and you could give back surface for surface. But if I address you with the tongue of an angel shall you not as readily respond? Do you realise how many occasions we let pass when we might speak as only angels speak, were it not for pride or timidity, or base servility to custom? It is written that once angels talked with men on earth, and we believe it--historically. But nowadays many are ashamed to utter the best that is in them, and some are grown cold and barren. It is rumoured, too, that every man and woman of us came as an angel from heaven, --pure, innocent, and true, --but that the world corrupted us. We are told that we must again become as little children. We believe this also--theoretically. There are many who know the way, but walk not therein. Yet each of us is an angel in heaven now. Nothing has ever separated us from the divine love and wisdom. Nothing has corrupted us, nothing can corrupt the soul. Once pure, always pure; the soul is ever an angel of God. The heart never loves less truly because the body ages and life grows complicated. Behind the illusions of the mind's fond conceits and fancies the faith of the soul is as firm as ever. The inner man is as.

Vigyan bhairav tantra

Vigyan bhairav tantra Author Osho
ISBN-10 389338085X
Release 1991
Pages 575
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112 methods of meditation with one card each.

The Book of Secrets

The Book of Secrets Author Elizabeth Arnold
ISBN-10 9780345538666
Release 2013-07-02
Pages 464
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At once a captivating mystery, a love letter to classic literature, and a sharp-eyed examination of marriage, The Book of Secrets is a gripping novel of family, friendship, and the undeniable pull of the past. After more than twenty years of marriage, Chloe Sinclair comes home one night to find that her husband, Nate, is gone. All he has left behind is a cryptic note explaining that he’s returned to their childhood town of Redbridge, California—a place Chloe never wants to see again. Tending to their small bookstore while trying to reach Nate, Chloe stumbles upon a notebook tucked inside his antique copy of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. Written in a code that Nate and his sisters created as kids, the pages contain long-buried secrets from her and Nate’s past, and clues to why he went back to Redbridge after all these years. As Chloe struggles to decipher the notebook’s hidden messages, she revisits the seminal moments of their youth: the day she met the enigmatic Sinclair children, their increasingly dangerous games a magical escape from their troubled childhoods; the first time Nate kissed her, camped out on the beach like Robinson Crusoe; the elaborate plan she and Nate devised, inspired by Romeo and Juliet, to break away from from his oppressive father, and how the thwarted attempt upended their lives forever. As the reason for Nate’s absence comes to light, the truth will shatter everything Chloe knows—about her husband, his family, and herself. Praise for The Book of Secrets “An exquisite novel . . . The Book of Secrets is one of those reasons some of us live to read.”—The Star-Ledger “Tender and transcendent, The Book of Secrets is about the truths we hide, the consequences we face, and the particular comfort we can only find in a good book. Elizabeth Joy Arnold has written a beautiful and haunting ode to the power of words, and how they shape our lives.”—Sarah Addison Allen, New York Times bestselling author of The Peach Keeper “The Book of Secrets plunges the reader into the strange and intense world of the Sinclairs, a family bound and pulled apart by the forces of imagination and religious belief. Through the eyes of Chloe Tyler, trapped in this world since childhood, Arnold paints a fascinating picture of obsession and loss. The Book of Secrets offers a complex meditation on the elusive nature of truth and on the power of secrets.”—Henriette Lazaridis Power, author of The Clover House “This is the beautiful and heart-wrenching story about the secrets that can both hold a marriage together, and drive two people apart. Reading The Book of Secrets is like walking through a dark labyrinth: just when all hope is lost, you step out into sunshine.”—Carla Buckley, author of Invisible This eBook edition includes two complete classic works of literature that are referenced in The Book of Secrets: Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe! Look for special features inside. Join the Random House Reader’s Circle for author chats and more.

The Book of Secrets

The Book of Secrets Author Carlo J. Vella
ISBN-10 1921456272
Release 2010-01-01
Pages 225
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It is an ancient book, possibly predating the bible; a book that may lead to mankind¿s demise. The Vatican knows of its secrets ¿ secrets they are not willing to share ¿ and so do the mysterious Order of Saint Augustine. Both will do anything to get their hands on the fabled tome, even if it means death! Many have searched and yet all have failed.Only one person holds the key, one who can save mankind from an ancient war and a battle to end all battles, but is he strong enough to fight an evil that may bring about the beginning of the end? Destiny is written in the pages of the Book of Secrets, and it all began with a simple, pagan spell...