The Art of Deus Ex Universe

The Art of Deus Ex Universe Author Paul Davies
ISBN-10 1783290986
Release 2016-02
Pages 192
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The Art of Deus Ex Universe is the ultimate gallery of art from Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, featuring over 300 images, including sketches and concept art. With commentary throughout from the world-renowned art team, this extraordinary collection of groundbreaking game art depicts a dystopian future where mankind has evolved... at the cost of its humanity.

Deus Ex

Deus Ex Author James Swallow
ISBN-10 9780345524744
Release 2011-02-22
Pages 352
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IT’S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. BUT YOU CAN SEE IT FROM HERE. In the near future, with physical augmentation gaining ground and nano-cybernetics only years away, the dawn of limitless human evolution is just beyond the horizon, and a secret corporate cabal of ruthless men intends to make sure that humankind stays under its control. But two people on opposite sides of the world are starting to ask questions that could get them killed. Secret Service agent Anna Kelso has been suspended for investigating the shooting that claimed her partner’s life. Anna suspects that the head of a bio-augmentation firm was the real target, and against orders she’s turned up a few leads concerning a covert paramilitary force and a cadre of underground hackers. But the cover-up runs deep, and now there’s a target on her back. Meanwhile, Ben Saxon, former SAS officer turned mercenary, joins a shadowy special ops outfit. They say they’re a force for good, but Saxon quickly learns that the truth is not so clear-cut. So begins a dangerous quest to uncover a deadly secret that will take him from Moscow to London, D.C. to Geneva, and to the dark truth—if he lives that long. The year is 2027; in a world consumed by chaos and conspiracy, two people are set on a collision course with the most powerful and dangerous organization in history—and the fate of humanity hangs in the balance. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided Limited Edition Guide

Deus Ex  Mankind Divided   Limited Edition Guide Author Prima Games
ISBN-10 0744016916
Release 2016-08-23
Pages 368
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"Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Limited Edition Guide"includes.... Exclusive Bonuses: This limited edition hardcover guide includes an exclusive lithograph that can be framed and displayed. Development Team Commentary: Meet the game s creators and learn all about the inspirations and challenges that led to the creation of the Deus Ex Universe. Our behind-the-scenes interviews reveal fascinating insights from the development team plus a gallery of conceptual art. Choose Your Play Style: Prepare for the dangers and challenges ahead with a complete overview of every critical point within the main story, then decide which of the two unique play styles lethal or non-lethal you want to employ. Using distinct walkthrough paths, we provide strategies for each play style including expert tips for attempting advanced Ghost tactics! Comprehensive Area Maps: We reveal the precise locations of all weapons, collectibles, tactical points, and pick-ups in every area! Become the Ultimate Covert Agent: As you navigate through the world of Mankind Divided, learn how to choose from an array of cutting edge weapons and augmentations to best suit combat, stealth, hacking, and social situations. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Breach: Complete coverage of this new game mode, which features 75 levels of platforming and puzzles! Free mobile-friendly eGuide!Includes a code to access the eGuide, a web-access version of the complete strategy guide optimized for a second-screen experience."

The Art of Remember Me

The Art of Remember Me Author Aleksi Briclot
ISBN-10 9781616551636
Release 2013
Pages 180
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Shows the evolution of the art of the video game "Remember Me," including concept art and commentary from the creators.

The Art of Titanfall 2

The Art of Titanfall 2 Author Titan Books
ISBN-10 1785653695
Release 2016-11-01
Pages 192
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"The Art of Titanfall 2" is the ultimate guide to the development of Respawn Entertainment s fast-paced, visually stunning first-person shooter. Featuring an exclusive array of highly stylised concept art, sketches, 3D renders, maquette modelling, and commentary from key Respawn Entertainment team members, this is a must-have for any fan of the dynamic and destructive world of "Titanfall""

The Art of Fallout 4

The Art of Fallout 4 Author Various
ISBN-10 9781630086527
Release 2015-12-08
Pages 367
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Bethesda Game Studios, the award-winning creators of Fallout® 3 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim®, welcome you to the world of Fallout® 4 - their most ambitious game ever, and the next generation of open-world gaming. The Art of Fallout 4 is a must-have collectible for fans and a trusty companion for every Wasteland wanderer. Featuring never-before-seen designs and concept art from the game's dynamic environments, iconic characters, detailed weapons, and more -- along with commentary from the developers themselves.

Deus Ex

Deus Ex Author Alex Irvine
ISBN-10 1785851810
Release 2016-08-02
Pages 128
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Brand new original graphic novel based on the popular gaming franchise Deus Ex The comic will revolve around Adam Jensen's first mission with the Prague Unit of Task Force 29 (a global counter-terrorism unit set up by Interpol/UN- and a major part of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided) to deal with augmented terrorist activities, and will introduce us to the members of the task force.

Art of Doom

Art of Doom Author ID Software
ISBN-10 9781616559342
Release 2016-06-21
Pages 186
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Doom is unquestionably one of the most influential videogames ever created, widely regarded as the original FPS (First-Person Shooter) and remains a touchstone for countless action games today. The Art Of Doom brings together concept artwork, sketches and screenshots from every classic instalment of the series, including Bethesda's most recent addition, Doom 3 (2012).

The Art of Metal Gear Solid V

The Art of Metal Gear Solid V Author Konami
ISBN-10 1506701108
Release 2016-11-15
Pages 184
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Witness the concept and design behind the genre-defining science fiction military action and drama with The Art of Metal Gear Solid V! Chronicling the development of Kojima Productions's magnum opus, and featuring hundreds of pieces of never-before-seen art, this beautifully assembled volume is an essential addition to any gamer's collection. Dark Horse is proud to offer a piece of gaming history with The Art of Metal Gear Solid V!

The Art of Mass Effect Andromeda

The Art of Mass Effect  Andromeda Author Bioware
ISBN-10 9781506700755
Release 2017-03-21
Pages 184
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Dark Horse presents a comprehensive guide to the Mass Effect: Andromeda game, featuring concept sketches, poster art, interviews with the creators and much much more!

Needle Felted Tapestries

Needle Felted Tapestries Author Neysa Russo
ISBN-10 9780811764773
Release 2017-02-01
Pages 112
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From simple mug rugs to Renaissance-style tapestry wall hangings, 16 charming projects lead fiber lovers on a journey to discover the art of needle felting. Felt artist Neysa Russo shares her years of experience with felt and felt design so that you can confidently create your own felted masterpiece.


Drowntown Author Jim Murray
ISBN-10 9781409040484
Release 2014-01-20
Pages 56
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‘Just had a romantic Waterloo sunset spoiled by the sight of a corpse being dredged from the Thames? Welcome to Drowntown... ‘The name's Noiret, Leo Noiret. I'm a Minder, which means people hire me to protect them, figuring that my beer belly and monumental streak of bad luck are big enough to intercept any blades, bullets or bad feelings heading their way. ‘Staying alive isn’t easy, though, when everyone who’s anyone in Drowntown wants your new client dead in the water. I’m going to need a bigger belly...’ The world has changed forever, ravaged by climatic upheaval. The flooded metropolis of London has adapted to the rising sea levels, remaining a centre for international commerce and a magnet for environmental refugees. The elite gaze out over the ever-expanding Thames from their ivory towers, while the denizens of submerged pubs peer into the sunken streets like specimens in an aquarium. Hired by notorious underworld figure Alexandra Bastet, Leo Noiret uncovers a terrifying conspiracy that stretches from the depths of Drowntown to the highest echelons of power and influence. Struggling aqua-courier Gina Cassel learns that young love can be a dangerous game when she becomes romantically involved with the heir to the Drakenberg Corporation, which aims to control both the environment and the future of human evolution. There’s a storm brewing in Drowntown, with Gina and Noiret at its heart...

The Art of Tom Clancy s The Division

The Art of Tom Clancy s The Division Author Paul Davies
ISBN-10 1783298340
Release 2015-09-08
Pages 192
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The Art of Tom Clancy s The Division has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Art of Tom Clancy s The Division also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Art of Tom Clancy s The Division book for free.

The Art of XCOM 2

The Art of XCOM 2 Author 2K Staff
ISBN-10 1785651242
Release 2016-01-12
Pages 192
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In The Art of XCOM 2, readers get a behind-the-scenes look at the incredible concept art created for the new game and hear from key developers and artists about the challenges, secrets, and rewards of creating this landmark series. Also covered in the stunning book will be the game's five new classes of resistance fighters and their dynamic weapons, powerful new alien species and their vehicles, and the brave new world of XCOM 2.

The Art of Wolfenstein

The Art of Wolfenstein Author Dave Marshall
ISBN-10 1616555289
Release 2014-04-15
Pages 186
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Provides an in-depth look at the art of the video game, detailing the character designs, settings, and technology of the alternate world where the Nazis won World War II.


Halo Author Martin Robinson
ISBN-10 0857685627
Release 2011
Pages 189
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Presents conceptual artwork, sketches, and background notes for the characters, landscapes, structures, vehicles, tools, and weaponry found in the popular video game's universe.

The Art of Thief

The Art of Thief Author Paul Davies
ISBN-10 1783290978
Release 2014
Pages 189
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Collects concept images and sketches of the video game's characters, settings, and weapons, and features commentary from the artists.