ISBN-10 9781590179437
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has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full book for free.

Der K nig in Gelb

Der K  nig in Gelb Author Robert W. Chambers
ISBN-10 9783865523334
Release 2014
Pages 192
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Das Original, bekannt aus der TV-Serie True Detective und die Vorlage zu H. P. Lovecrafts Necronomicon. Der König in Gelb erzählt von einem furchtbaren Buch, das jedem, der darin liest, Wahnsinn und Tod bringt. Bemerkt man die Gefahr, ist es längst schon zu spät. Inhalt: Cassildas Lied - Der Wiederhersteller des guten Rufes - Die Maske - Am Hofe des Drachen - Das Gelbe Zeichen - Die Jungfer d'Ys - Das Paradies der Propheten - Die Straße der Vier Winde - Nachwort von Michael Nagula: Robert W. Chambers: Fantast zwischen Poesie und Dekadenz & Die Bücher des Robert W. Chambers H. P. Lovecraft: »Chambers erklomm beachtliche Gipfel des kosmischen Grauens«. E. F. Bleiler: »Das wichtigste Buch in der amerikanischen Literatur des Unheimlichen zwischen Poe und den Modernen.« Ein gelungenes Werk in der Manier von H. P. Lovecraft. Die Gestalt des Königs in Gelb ist im Cthulhu-Mythos als Avatar von Hastur bekannt. Sein Erscheinen wird durch das Gelbe Zeichen angekündigt. Diese Ausgabe enthält alle unheimlichen Geschichten des Originals sowie ein ausführliches Nachwort zu Leben und Werk Robert W. Chambers (1865 ? 1933).

Horror Stories

Horror Stories Author Darryl Jones
ISBN-10 9780191508646
Release 2014-10-09
Pages 544
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The modern horror story grew and developed across the nineteenth century, embracing categories as diverse as ghost stories, the supernatural and psychological horror, medical and scientific horrors, colonial horror, and tales of the uncanny and precognition. This anthology brings together twenty-nine of the greatest horror stories of the period, from 1816 to 1912, from the British, Irish, American, and European traditions. It ranges widely across the sub-genres to encompass authors whose terror-inducing powers remain unsurpassed. The book includes stories by some of the best writers of the century - Hoffmann, Poe, Balzac, Dickens, Hawthorne, Melville, Zola - as well as established genre classics such as M. R. James, Arthur Machen, Bram Stoker, Algernon Blackwood, Charlotte Perkins Gilman and others. It includes rare and little-known pieces by writers such as William Maginn, Francis Marion Crawford, W. F. Harvey, and William Hope Hodgson, and shows the important role played by periodicals in popularizing the horror story. Wherever possible stories are reprinted in their first published form, with background information about their authors and helpful, contextualizing annotation. Darryl Jones's lively introduction discusses horror's literary evolution and its articulation of cultural preoccupations and anxieties. These are stories guaranteed to freeze the blood, revolt the senses, and keep you awake at night: prepare to be terrified!

The Treasury of the Fantastic

The Treasury of the Fantastic Author David Sandner
ISBN-10 9781616961589
Release 2013-05-16
Pages 720
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The fantastic, the supernatural, the poetic, and the macabre entwine in this incomparable culmination of storytelling. Imaginative stories of wit and intelligence weave through vivid landscapes that are alternately wondrous and terrifying. As major literary figures from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries—from Alfred, Lord Tennyson and Edith Wharton to Edgar Allan Poe and Oscar Wilde—these masters of English and American literature created unforgettable tales where goblins and imps comingle with humans from all walks of life. This deftly curated assemblage of notable classics and unexpected gems from the pre-Tolkien era will captivate and enchant readers. Forerunners of today’s speculative fiction, these are the authors that changed the fantasy genre forever.

Property of a Lady Faire

Property of a Lady Faire Author Simon R. Green
ISBN-10 9780698145597
Release 2014-06-03
Pages 352
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New York Times bestselling author Simon R. Green has another Secret History to reveal... Call me Drood, Eddie Drood. Some know me as Shaman Bond and most simply don’t want to know me at all. For centuries, my family has been keeping the things that lurk on the darker side of existence as far away as possible from humans like you, without you even knowing we’re there. Unfortunately for us, not everybody appreciates what we Droods do. Recently, I personally managed to survive yet another attempt on my life, but the rest of my relatives weren’t so lucky. My parents are missing in action. My grandfather has been murdered. And the future of my family lies in the iron grasp of the Lady Faire, an incredibly seductive, mysterious, and powerful being. She possesses an ancient object that can save them. I have to steal it from her. Easy enough to say, difficult—and very, very dangerous—to do...

Malaysia in History

Malaysia in History Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105020811837
Release 1978
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Malaysia in History has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Malaysia in History also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Malaysia in History book for free.


Swettenham Author Henry Sackville Barlow
ISBN-10 UOM:39015038026822
Release 1995
Pages 783
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Swettenham has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Swettenham also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Swettenham book for free.

The King in Yellow

The King in Yellow Author Robert W. Chambers
ISBN-10 9781447488248
Release 2016-03-31
Pages 351
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This book contains Robert W. Chambers’ 1895 collection of short stories, "The King in Yellow". The first half of this volume contains a number of well-received stories of the weird and strange, and the volume has been hailed as a milestone in the field of the supernatural. The stories of this collection include: “The Repairer of Reputations”, “The Mask”, “In the Court of the Dragon”, “The Yellow Sign”, “The Demoiselle D’Ys”, “The Prophet’s Paradise”, “The Streets of the Four Winds”, “The Street of the First Shell”, and more. Many vintage texts such as this are increasingly scarce and expensive, and it is with this in mind that we are republishing this book now, in an affordable, high-quality, modern edition. It comes complete with a specially commissioned biography of the author.

The King in Yellow

The King in Yellow Author Robert Chambers
ISBN-10 1540567869
Release 2016-11-22
Pages 162
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In Honor of HBO's True Detective Season 1, read the book behind the story...The King in Yellow."Along the shore the cloud waves break, The twin suns sink beneath the lake, The shadows lengthen In Carcosa. Strange is the night where black stars rise, And strange moons circle through the skies But stranger still is Lost Carcosa. Songs that the Hyades shall sing, Where flap the tatters of the King, Must die unheard in Dim Carcosa. Song of my soul, my voice is dead; Die thou, unsung, as tears unshed Shall dry and die in Lost Carcosa."

The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 16

The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 16 Author Stephen Jones
ISBN-10 UOM:49015003326627
Release 2005-10-12
Pages 512
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This is the latest edition of the world’s foremost annual showcase of horror and dark fantasy fiction. Here are some of the very best short stories and novellas by today's finest exponents of horror fiction—including Kim Newman, Neil Gaiman, China Miéville, Paul McAuley, Glen Hirshberg, Ramsey Campbell and Tanith Lee. The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 16 also contains the most comprehensive overview of horror around the world during the year, lists of useful contact addresses and a fascinating necrology. It is the one book that is required reading for every fan of macabre fiction.

Nightmare s Disciple

Nightmare s Disciple Author Joseph S. Pulver
ISBN-10 UOM:39015049615050
Release 1999
Pages 395
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In this original novel of Mythos mystery and horror, a serial killer is terrorizing Schenectady, NY. Detective Chrisopher James Stewart must follow the trail of mutilated bodies and solve the enigmatic clues before the murderer strikes again. Here is a wealth of terror and exuberant scenes, a detailed Cthulhu Mythos novel of the present day. In it H. P. Lovecraft is more prophet than anyone dares to dream.

The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana

The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana Author Jess Nevins
ISBN-10 1932265155
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 1009
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The first encyclopedia of fantasy and sci-fi literature of the nineteenth century covers a breathtaking spread, from the works of Jules Verne to the serial publications of Russian newspapers and Chinese martial arts novels.

Die schwarze Spinne

Die schwarze Spinne Author Jeremias Gotthelf
ISBN-10 9791029902451
Release 2016-05-25
Pages 80
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Eine Dorf und eine Invasion von Spinnen....."DIE SCHWARZE SPINNE" ist eine entsetzliche und faszinierende Geschichte über die Angst.

Two To Conquer

Two To Conquer Author Marion Zimmer Bradley
ISBN-10 9780575113657
Release 2013-10-02
Pages 335
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It was the final, flaming days of the Ages of Chaos. Beneath its Bloody Sun, Darkover was divided into a hundred warring kingdoms, and civilization teetered on the brink of oblivion. This is the story of Bard di Asturien, the ambitious soldier-outlaw they called the Wolf of the Kilghard Hills; of Varzil, whom history was to dub The Good - and of the alien from distant Terra who was the exact double of Varzil's enemy.

Der satanarch ol genialkoh llische Wunschpunsch

Der satanarch  ol  genialkoh  llische Wunschpunsch Author Michael Ende
ISBN-10 9783522610452
Release 2017-11-06
Pages 240
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Dieser Kinderbuch Klassiker von Michael Ende begeistert Kinder ab 10 Jahren, nicht nur zum Jahreswechsel! Der Geheime Zauberrat Beelzebub Irrwitzer und seine Tante, die Geldhexe Tyrannja Vamperl, haben ein Problem: Ihr Soll an bösen Taten ist noch nicht erfüllt. Am Silvesterabend bekommen sie eine letzte Chance - ansonsten werden sie in die Hölle verbannt. Doch mit Hilfe des satanarchäolügenialkohöllischen Wunschpunsches könnten sie ihren Rückstand bis Mitternacht mühelos aufholen. Wird ihr teuflischer Plan aufgehen?

The Yellow King

The Yellow King Author Justin Hoffman
ISBN-10 1497317983
Release 2014-03-13
Pages 80
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Let your shadow take you for a walk deep in the heart of New Orleans in this satirical psychological thriller you are sure to enjoy. Discover the last writing of Dr. Carcosa Laveau through the journal of an unknowing French translator from Ohio called in under circumstances as mysterious as the disappearance of the "good Dr." himself. It's Mardi Gras in one way or another after the sun goes down in this French Quarter tale you'll end up reading more than once...

Delphi Complete Works of H P Lovecraft Illustrated

Delphi Complete Works of H  P  Lovecraft  Illustrated Author H. P. Lovecraft
ISBN-10 9781909496040
Release 2013-11-17
Pages 3491
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This eBook presents the complete fictional works of H. P. Lovecraft, with beautiful illustrations, rare texts and the usual Delphi bonus material. (3MB Version 1) * Beautifully illustrated with images relating to Lovecraft's life and works * Brief introduction to master short story writer * Over 100 short stories, including rare collaborations * Excellent formatting of the texts * Special chronological and alphabetical contents tables for the short stories * Easily locate the tales you want to read * A selection of some of Lovecrafts greatest poetry * Includes Lovecraft's memoirs a range of autobiographical writings collected form the authors letters and journals * Scholarly ordering of texts into chronological order and literary genres Please note: due to copyright restrictions, the short stories that Lovecraft wrote with C. M. Eddy, Jr. cannot appear in this collection. Please visit to browse our range of exciting titles CONTENTS: H. P. Lovecraft: Brief Introduction The Short Stories The Little Glass Bottle The Secret Cave The Mystery of the Grave-Yard The Mysterious Ship The Beast in the Cave The Alchemist The Tomb Dagon A Reminiscence of Dr. Samuel Johnson Sweet Ermengarde Polaris The Green Meadow Beyond the Wall of Sleep Memory Old Bugs The Transition of Juan Romero The White Ship The Doom That Came to Sarnath The Statement of Randolph Carter The Terrible Old Man The Tree The Cats of Ulthar The Temple Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family The Street Poetry and the Gods Celephaïs From Beyond Nyarlathotep The Picture in the House The Crawling Chaos Ex Oblivione The Nameless City The Quest of Iranon The Moon-Bog The Outsider The Other Gods The Music of Erich Zann Herbert West Reanimator Hypnos What the Moon Brings Azathoth The Horror at Martins Beach The Hound The Lurking Fear The Rats in the Walls The Unnamable The Festival Under the Pyramids The Shunned House The Horror at Red Hook He In the Vault The Descendant Cool Air The Call of Cthulhu Two Black Bottles Pickmans Model The Silver Key The Strange High House in the Mist The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath The Case of Charles Dexter Ward The Colour Out of Space The Very Old Folk The Thing in the Moonlight The Last Test The History of the Necronomicon The Curse of Yig Ibid The Dunwich Horror The Electric Executioner The Mound Medusas Coil The Whisperer in Darkness At the Mountains of Madness The Shadow Over Innsmouth (Draft) The Shadow Over Innsmouth The Trap The Dreams in the Witch House The Man of Stone The Horror in the Museum Through the Gates of the Silver Key Winged Death Out of the Aeons The Thing on the Doorstep The Evil Clergyman The Horror in the Burying-Ground The Hoard of the Wizard-Beast The Slaying of the Monster The Book The Tree on the Hill The Battle that Ended the Century The Shadow out of Time Till A the Seas Collapsing Cosmoses The Challenge from Beyond The Disinterment The Diary of Alonzo Typer The Haunter of the Dark In the Walls of Eryx The Night Ocean LIST OF SHORT STORIES IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER LIST OF SHORT STORIES IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER The Poetry LIST OF POEMS IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER LIST OF POEMS IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER The Memoirs LIST OF AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL WORKS Please click here to browse our other titles