Seize the Night

Seize the Night Author Dean Koontz
ISBN-10 9781472202871
Release 2012-11-22
Pages 378
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One by one, the children of Moonlight Bay are disappearing. No one knows if they are dead or alive. Christopher Snow, suffering from the rare disorder xeroderma pigmentosum, has glimpsed the dark and torrid secrets of the small-town community where he has spent his entire life. And only he has the key to the truth - a truth that could only exist in the genetic chaos of Moonlight Bay.

Seize the Night

Seize the Night Author Sherrilyn Kenyon
ISBN-10 1429906154
Release 2010-04-01
Pages 352
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Valerius isn't a popular Dark-Hunter-he's a Roman, which means that the largely Greek Hunters have a major grudge against him and his civilization for superceding them. To make things worse, he's very conscious of his aristocratic background and breeding. So it serves him right when he runs into Tabitha Devereaux. She's sassy, sexy, and completely unwilling to take him seriously. (Not to mention that she's the twin sister of the wife of former Dark-Hunter Kyrian-Val's mortal enemy.) What Tabitha does take seriously is hunting and killing vampires-and soon she and Val have to grapple with the deadliest of all Daimons-one who's managed to come back from the dead, and one who holds a serious grudge against both of them. To win against evil, Val will have to loosen up, learn to trust, and put everything on the line to protect a man he hates and a woman who drives him nuts.

Seize the Night

Seize the Night Author Kelley Armstrong
ISBN-10 9781476783130
Release 2015-10-06
Pages 544
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A blockbuster anthology of original, blood-curdling vampire fiction from New York Times bestselling and award-winning authors, including Charlaine Harris, whose novels were adapted into HBO’s hit show True Blood, and Scott Smith, publishing his first work since The Ruins. Before being transformed into romantic heroes and soft, emotional antiheroes, vampires were figures of overwhelming terror. Now, from some of the biggest names in horror and dark fiction, comes this stellar collection of short stories that make vampires frightening once again. Edited by New York Times bestselling author Christopher Golden and featuring all-new stories from such contributors as Charlaine Harris, John Ajvide Lindqvist, Scott Smith, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Michael Kortya, Kelley Armstrong, Brian Keene, David Wellington, Seanan McGuire, and Tim Lebbon, Seize the Night is old-school vampire fiction at its finest.

Seize the Night

Seize the Night Author Gabrielle Evans
ISBN-10 1622424433
Release 2013-01-01
Pages 162
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[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, public exhibition, werewolves, bondage, sex toys, HEA] Left disfigured at the hands of a madman, Emery Nicholson has basically given up on life. Nothing brings him happiness anymore, and the only man he's ever really cared about is in love with someone else. Gaius has always harbored a fondness for mortals. He knows it's forbidden to interact with them, but when a force beyond his control chases him from his home, he'll find that life in the mortal realm is more complicated than he imagined. Between Gaius falling on him and being ambushed by a pack of hellhounds, Emery isn't having the best day. Add the fact that he's set to shift into the same kind of monster on the full moon, and he's barely holding it together. There's something special about Gaius that won't let Emery just walk away, though. Through all the chaos and uncertainty, can the Fate give Emery a reason to live again? ** A Siren Erotic Romance

Seize the Night

Seize the Night Author Tiffany Reisz
ISBN-10 9781474007719
Release 2014-10-28
Pages 100
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Five years ago, a night of forbidden passion between Remi and Julien, the heirs of two powerful and competitive horse-racing families, led to a feud that is threatening to ruin both farms. Now Remi must find Julien again–but when she does, her need for Julien is just as strong and just as forbidden...

Captivated Letting Go Seize the Night

Captivated  Letting Go   Seize the Night Author Megan Hart
ISBN-10 9781474007702
Release 2014-10-28
Pages 100
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Double the passion – and seduction – as New York Times bestselling author Megan Hart and international bestselling author Tiffany Reisz weave two provocative tales about power, bad-boy lovers and secret desires! LETTING GO by Megan Hart

Open and Unabashed Reviews on Seize the Night

Open and Unabashed Reviews on Seize the Night Author Ethan Eberding
ISBN-10 5517311504
Release 2013-04
Pages 44
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In this book, we have hand-picked the most sophisticated, unanticipated, absorbing (if not at times crackpot!), original and musing book reviews of "Seize the Night: A Dark-Hunter Novel." Don't say we didn't warn you: these reviews are known to shock with their unconventionality or intimacy. Some may be startled by their biting sincerity; others may be spellbound by their unbridled flights of fantasy. Don't buy this book if: 1. You don't have nerves of steel. 2. You expect to get pregnant in the next five minutes. 3. You've heard it all.

Seize the Night to Llight Your Darkness

Seize the Night to Llight Your Darkness Author Carlton Myrie
ISBN-10 1937269612
Release 2016-12-15
Pages 76
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The intent of this book is to provide you with ingredients required to help aid you in achieving success, motivation, and hunger. You will be reading on the state of mind I keep, the methods I practice, and a reading example of how I live. I want my words to touch you. I want to bend and stretch your brain.We all lack some things in life, some in different ways than others, but we all lack. We all think differently, but we all share the common desire to be someone successful. I want my words to be the bridge that closes the gap to what so many of us think, ?I want to create something of myself, but don't know how'.

Das Gesch ft des Lebens

Das Gesch  ft des Lebens Author Saul Bellow
ISBN-10 OCLC:312748358
Release 1976
Pages 131
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Das Gesch ft des Lebens has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Das Gesch ft des Lebens also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Das Gesch ft des Lebens book for free.

Sins of the Night

Sins of the Night Author Sherrilyn Kenyon
ISBN-10 1429906081
Release 2010-04-01
Pages 384
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In the realm of the Dark-Hunters there is a code of honor that even immortal bad boys must follow: Harm no human. Drink no blood. Never fall in love. But every now and again a Dark-Hunter thinks himself above the Code. That's when I'm summoned. Who am I? I'm the one thing the fearless fear. Step over the line and it's my wrath you will face. Nothing can touch me. Nothing can sway me. I am relentless and unfeeling. Or so I thought until I met a female Dark-Hunter who goes by the name of Danger-it's not just her name, it's how she lives her life. She doesn't trust me at all. And who could blame her? She alone knows that I'm here to be judge, jury and most likely executioner of her friends. Yet she is my key to saving some of them. Without her, they all will die. Dangereuse St. Richard is a deadly distraction. Something about her is reawakening a heart I thought was long dead. But in a race against evil, the only hope mankind has is that I do my duty. And how can I do my duty when it means that I will have to sacrifice the only woman I've ever loved?

Unleash The Night

Unleash The Night Author Sherrilyn Kenyon
ISBN-10 9780748114146
Release 2009-12-03
Pages 288
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An extremely rare Tigarian Katagaria, Wren is half snow leopard and half white tiger. Both species are extremely dangerous. Combined, they are lethal. He's reclusive and anti-social. Marguerite Godoeau has spent her lifetime trying to please her politician father. But has come to the recent conclusion that she wants her freedom. Missing her friend Nick Gautier who was a voice of reason in her insane life, she goes to Nick's favorite bar, Sanctuary. From the moment he sees her, Wren is completely captivated by Marguerite. Compelled, he follows after her and starts a most forbidden courtship. Wren knows he has no business with a human. He has too many enemies as it is. Yet he can't seem to let go of the only thing in his life that means something to him. Through enemies, both human and other, they have to learn to stand together or be devoured.

Night of Cake and Puppets

Night of Cake and Puppets Author Laini Taylor
ISBN-10 9781444786255
Release 2013-11-26
Pages 96
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In this new stand alone novella from New York Times bestselling author Laini Taylor comes the story of a funny and fantastical first date. In NIGHT OF CAKE & PUPPETS, Taylor brings to life a night only hinted at in the Daughter of Smoke & Bone trilogy - the magical first date of fan-favorites Zuzana and Mik. Told in alternating perspectives, it's the perfect love story for fans of the series and new readers alike. The novella also contains an extract from the first book in the series: Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Petite though she may be, Zuzana is not known for timidity. Her best friend, Karou, calls her 'rabid fairy', her 'voodoo eyes' are said to freeze blood, and even her older brother fears her wrath. But when it comes to the simple matter of talking to Mik, or 'Violin Boy', her courage deserts her. Now, enough is enough. Zuzana is determined to meet him, and she has a fistful of magic and a plan. It's a wonderfully elaborate treasure hunt of a plan that will take Mik all over Prague on a cold winter's night before finally leading him to the treasure: herself! Violin Boy's not going to know what hit him. (P)2013 Hodder & Stoughton


Acheron Author Sherrilyn Kenyon
ISBN-10 142992621X
Release 2008-08-05
Pages 736
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The most anticipated story in the blockbuster Dark-Hunter series. The never-before-revealed story of the Dark-Hunter leader, Acheron. He was made human in order to escape death, but in death he was reborn a god. . . Eleven thousand years ago a god was born. Cursed into the body of a human, Acheron spent a lifetime of shame. However, his human death unleashed an unspeakable horror that almost destroyed the earth. Then, brought back against his will, Acheron became the sole defender of mankind. Only it was never that simple. For centuries, he has fought for our survival and hidden a past he'll do anything to keep concealed. Until a lone woman who refuses to be intimidated by him threatens his very existence. Now his survival, and ours, hinges on hers and old enemies reawaken and unite to kill them both. War has never been more deadly... or more fun.

Born of Fire

Born of Fire Author Sherrilyn Kenyon
ISBN-10 1429959967
Release 2009-11-03
Pages 560
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In a universe where assassins make the law, everyone lives in fear—except for Syn. Born of an illicit scandal that once rocked a dynasty, he always knew how to survive on the bloodthirsty streets. But that was then, and the future is now... Syn was raised as a tech-thief until his livelihood uncovered a truth that could end his life. He tried to destroy the evidence, and has been on the run ever since. Now trained as an assassin, he allows no one to threaten him. Ever. He is the darkness that swallows his enemies whole. Shahara Dagan is the best bounty hunter in the universe. When Syn comes back on the radar, she's the only one who can bring him to justice. There's only one problem: Syn is a close family friend who's helped out the Dagans countless times. But if she saves him, both of their lives will be on the line. Is Syn's protection worth the risk? The only hope Shahara has is to find the evidence he buried long ago. Now it's kill or be killed—and they, the predators, have just become the hunted... Born of Fire is the second book in bestselling author Sherrilyn Kenyon's League series.

Seize the Soul

Seize the Soul Author William Stadler
Release 2014-04-25
Pages 245
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A soul is a terrible thing to waste. Soul Summoner Rebekah Scarlet is gunned down outside of a midnight pub in Raleigh. Awakening in a hospital, things quickly fall from bad to worse when she realizes that she's been cuffed to the bed. With the help of her shapeshifter best friend Lyle Finnegan, Rebekah must find a way to escape if she wants to uncover why she – the victim of a crime – has now become the suspect.

Durch die Nacht

Durch die Nacht Author Martin Bischoff
ISBN-10 9783737513661
Release 2014-10-20
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Es ist der 29. Dezember 2010. Ganz Deutschland versinkt im Schnee- und Winterchaos. Der erfolgreiche Geschäftsmann Joshua Frankel befindet sich auf der Rückreise von einem Geschäftstermin in der Schweiz. Mit mehreren Stunden Verspätung erreicht er mit dem letzten noch fahrenden Zug um 1:00 Uhr den Hamburger Hauptbahnhof. Da die Elbmetropole zusätzlich durch einen Streik der Taxifahrer lahmgelegt ist, beschließt Joshua die Wartezeit, bis in drei Stunden die S-Bahnen ihren Betrieb wieder aufnehmen, bei einem Bier in einer Sportbar im nahegelegenen St. Georg zu überbrücken. Eine folgenschwere Entscheidung. Die nächsten 5 Stunden werden nicht nur Joshuas Leben für immer verändern. Am Morgen wird nichts mehr so sein, wie es einmal war. Schnallen Sie sich an und jagen Sie mit Joshua in einer albtraumhaften Achterbahnfahrt voller Banden, Leichen und Drogen durch die Nacht.

Dream Chaser

Dream Chaser Author Sherrilyn Kenyon
ISBN-10 142993719X
Release 2008-02-05
Pages 384
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From #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Sherrilyn Kenyon The spellbinding Dream-Hunter series continues! Hades doesn't often give second chances... Xypher has one month on Earth to redeem himself through one good deed or be condemned to eternal torture in Tarturus. But redemption means little to a demigod who only wants vengeance on the one who caused his downfall. Until one day in a cemetery... Simone Dubois is a medical examiner with a real knack for the job. Those who are wrongfully killed appear to her and help her find the evidence the police need to convict their killers. But when a man appears and tells her that she's more than just a psychic, she's convinced he's insane. Now the fate of the world hangs in her hands... It was bad enough when just the dead relied on her. Now's there's the seductive Dream-Hunter Xypher who needs Simone's help in opening a portal to the Atlantean hell realm to fight insatiable demons. The future of mankind is at stake—and so is her life. The only question now is: Who is the bigger threat: the demons out to kill her, or the man who has left her forever changed? "Brisk, ironic, sexy, and relentlessly imaginative."—Boston Globe