Murder Mysteries and Other Stories

Murder Mysteries and Other Stories Author P. Craig Russell
ISBN-10 9781616558345
Release 2015-11-10
Pages 232
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This oversize (12" x 17") gallery edition contains high quality scans of the original comics art by illustrator P. Craig Russell printed at the actual size of the art boards he drew on. Featuring an adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Murder Mysteries, as well as works writtn by H.P. Lovecraft, Ray Bradbury, Mike Mignola, Clive Barker, and others.

Murder at Christmas and other stories

Murder at Christmas and other stories Author John Mortimer
ISBN-10 0451172043
Release 1991-11-05
Pages 251
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Twelve tales of holiday mystery, mayhem, and murder feature the works of John Mortimer, Georges Simenon, Julian Symons, James Powell, Alice Scanlan Reach, C.M. Chan, and six other notable writers

The Mistletoe Murder and Other Stories

The Mistletoe Murder and Other Stories Author P. D. James
ISBN-10 9780571331369
Release 2016-10-04
Pages 128
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As the acknowledged 'Queen of Crime' P.D. James was frequently commissioned by newspapers and magazines to write a special short story for Christmas. Four of the very best of these have been rescued from the archives and are published together for the first time. P.D. James's sparkling prose illuminates each of these perfectly formed stories, making them ideal reading for the darkest days of the year. While she delights in the secrets that lurk beneath the surface at enforced family gatherings, her Christmas stories also provide enjoyable puzzles to keep the reader guessing. From the title story about a strained country house gathering on Christmas Eve, another about an illicit affair that ends in murder, and two cases for James's poet-detective Adam Dalgliesh -- each treats the reader to James's masterfully atmospheric story-telling, always with the lure of a mystery to be solved.

The Regatta Mystery And Other Stories

The Regatta Mystery And Other Stories Author Agatha Christie
ISBN-10 9780062242631
Release 2012-08-07
Pages 208
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Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple, and Christie’s wildly unconventional investigator, Parker Pyne, all make appearances in The Regatta Mystery and Other Stories—a riveting collection of short stories featuring a host of murderous crimes of passion, pleasure, and profit. There's a body in a trunk; a dead girl's reflection is caught in a mirror; and one corpse is back from the grave, while another is envisioned in the recurring nightmare of a terrified eccentric. What's behind such ghastly misdeeds? Try money, revenge, passion, and pleasure. With multiple motives, multiple victims, and multiple suspects, it's going to take a multitude of talent to solve these clever crimes. In this inviting collection, Agatha Christie enlists the services of her finest—Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple, and Parker Pyne—and puts them each to the test in the most challenging cases of their careers.

The Canary Murders and Other Stories

The Canary Murders  and Other Stories Author
ISBN-10 9810120710
Release 1992
Pages 140
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Six stories originating from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) with themes as diverse as murder, mystery, ambition, love, corruption and greed. Suitable for adult literacy and learners of English as a second language. Intermediate level.

The Fallen Curtain And Other Stories

The Fallen Curtain And Other Stories Author Ruth Rendell
ISBN-10 9781409007890
Release 2010-10-31
Pages 192
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A collection of Ruth Rendell psychologically chilling murder mysteries. A wife plots her husband's psychological destruction - then his murder; a son is ruined by his mother's obsession; a man marries the woman he rescues from suicide, only to become the victim of her obsessiveness; and a family feud brings unimaginable horror.

Morse s Greatest Mystery and Other Stories

Morse s Greatest Mystery and Other Stories Author Colin Dexter
ISBN-10 9780330523851
Release 2011-05-09
Pages 286
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Morse had solved so many mysteries in his life. Was he now, he wondered, beginning to glimpse the solution to the greatest mystery of them all . . . ? How can the discovery of a short story by a beautiful Oxford graduate lead Chief Inspector Morse to her murderer? What awaits Morse and Lewis in Room 231 of the Randolph Hotel? Why does a theft at Christmas lead the detective to look upon the festive season with uncharacteristic goodwill? And what happens when Morse himself falls victim to a brilliantly executed crime? This dazzling collection of short stories from Inspector Morse's creator, Colin Dexter, includes six ingenious cases for the world's most popular fictional detective - plus five other tantalizingly original tales to delight all lovers of classic crime fiction.

Die Monogramm Morde

Die Monogramm Morde Author Sophie Hannah
ISBN-10 9783455170269
Release 2014-09-09
Pages 344
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Eine Sensation! Hercule Poirot ermittelt wieder. 1920 erschien der erste Kriminalroman von Agatha Christie. Seither haben sich ihre Bücher weltweit mehr als zwei Milliarden Mal verkauft. Jetzt haben die Erben von Agatha Christie erstmals der Veröffentlichung eines neuen Romans zugestimmt, der die beliebteste Figur der Schriftstellerin wieder zum Leben erweckt. Die Bestsellerautorin Sophie Hannah ist seit ihrem dreizehnten Lebensjahr ein großer Fan von Agatha Christie: »Es ist Hercule Poirot und Miss Marple zu verdanken, dass ich Krimiautorin geworden bin. Ich fühle mich unendlich geehrt, dass man mir dieses wunderbare Projekt anvertraut hat.«

Killing Time and Other Stories

Killing Time and Other Stories Author Joel Townsley Rogers
ISBN-10 9781605430010
Release 2010-05
Pages 278
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From THE JURY BOX, Jon Breen's critical column in ELLERY QUEEN Mystery Magazine: *** Joel Townsley Rogers: Killing Time and Other Stories, with introduction and afterword by Alfred Jan, Ramble House, Six longish pulp stories, dating from 1934 to 1947, represent an undervalued writer. The title story about a disabled World War II veteran trying to break into mystery writing, offers affectionate parody and fair-play detection, while the magazine version of the classic The Red Right Hand captures its offbeat flavor only slightly less effectively than at full length. The outre plots often involve coincidence, though not to the fantastical extent of Harry Stephen Keeler, whose complete works are offered by Ramble House. (An indispensable companion is the earlier Rogers collection Night of Horror and Other Stories [Ramble House, including the much anthologized minor classic "The Murderer" and a Rogers bibliography compiled by son Tom Rogers, expanded by Francis M. Nevins.) And here's what four of America's favorite authors-about-town have to say about Ramble House's two Joel Townsley Rogers' collections, NIGHT OF HORROR and KILLING TIME- "Rogers was the real deal, author of a true masterpiece, The Red Right Hand, and a pulp man who could, and did, do it all. If you want the strong heady thrill of genuine pulp - and not the pale imitation that came later - latch on to both of these collections immediately." - Ed Gorman "Killing Time collects six pulp novellas by Joel Townsley Rogers, including the original version of the classic The Red Right Hand, along with a story about a pulp writer and a story with a character named Captain Sparrow, whom I like to think is a distant cousin to the famous Pirate of the Caribbean. Highly recommended!" - Bill Crider "The six tales gathered here are among Joel Townsley Rogers' most accomplished pulp magazine contributions of the 30s and 40s - cleverly plotted, highly atmospheric, suspenseful, and dripping with menace. The original magazine version of his classic crime novel, The Red Right Hand, and Alfred Jan's insightful analyses of Rogers' work, are the highlights. Killing Time is a must for every connoisseur of vintage crime fiction." - Bill Pronzini "Ramble House has specialized in bringing neglected (and sometimes alternative) geniuses back into print. First came the great Harry Stephen Keeler, then the so-clever Norman Berrow. More recently Ramble House has been sparking the rehabilitation of Joel Townsley Rogers, a versatile and prolific author who seemed to be totally forgotten save for one novel, The Red Right Hand. Killing Time is the second Ramble House collection of Rogers's shorter fiction, and every story in it, from the 1934 'Murder of the Dead Man' to the 1947 title story, hits with a wallop and a sting. Bravo! Bravissimo!" - Richard A. Lupoff

Ein Spiel zuviel

Ein Spiel zuviel Author P. D. James
ISBN-10 9783426404676
Release 2010-05-07
Pages 352
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Die junge ledige Mutter Sally Jupp hat eine Stelle als Hausangestellte im Herrenhaus von Martingale bei den Maxies bekommen. Pflichtbewußt erledigt Sally ihre Arbeit, doch hinter dieser Maske aus Tüchtigkeit und Ergebenheit versteckt sie ihre wahren Gefühle: Abneigung und Verachtung - was den meisten auf Martingale jedoch verborgen bleibt. Eines Morgens wird Sally ermordet aufgefunden. Ein komplizierter Fall für Kommissar Adam Dalgliesh von Scotland Yard, der den Täter im Familienkreis der Maxies vermutet, denn da brodelt es vor Haß und Eifersucht. Freunde des klassischen englischen Krimis kommen voll auf ihre Kosten: Spannung total und ein verblüffendes Ende! Ein Spiel zuviel von P. D. James: Spannung pur im eBook!

Problem at Pollensa Bay

Problem at Pollensa Bay Author Agatha Christie
ISBN-10 9780007422753
Release 2010-10-14
Pages 224
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A collection of short stories featuring some of Agatha Christie’s best-loved detectives – Hercule Poirot, Parker Pyne, Mr Satterthwaite and Harley Quin...

Bad Moon Rising

Bad Moon Rising Author Ranjit Lal
ISBN-10 9789386057358
Release 2010-11-11
Pages 176
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There’s a bad moon rising and in its wake comes murder, mystery and mayhem . This anthology includes Satyajit Ray, Payal Dhar, Anshumani Ruddra, Sonja Chandrachud, Poile Sengupta—some of India’s best storytellers—and tales guaranteed to keep you awake through the night. A writer whose murder stories begin to come true; the polite young man who steals far more than money; the half-werewolf, half-witch who murders music in the land of the dead; an apartment where doorbells ring at night for no apparent reason; and the case of the missing Bollywood actress are some of the hair-raising stories that are impossible to put down. Ranging from murder to the supernatural to the all - too chillingly real, Bad Moon Rising will make you lock your doors and shut all the windows...

Tod im wei en H ubchen

Tod im wei  en H  ubchen Author Phyllis D. James
ISBN-10 3499233436
Release 2003
Pages 383
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Tod im wei en H ubchen has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Tod im wei en H ubchen also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Tod im wei en H ubchen book for free.

The Witness for the Prosecution And Other Stories

The Witness for the Prosecution  And Other Stories Author Agatha Christie
ISBN-10 9780008201265
Release 2016-12-01
Pages 304
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Agatha Christie’s classic short story collection, published to tie-in with a new BBC TV adaptation of the book’s most enduring and shocking thriller, The Witness for the Prosecution.

The Quests of Simon Ark

The Quests of Simon Ark Author Edward D. Hoch
ISBN-10 9781480456488
Release 2013-11-26
Pages 266
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When ancient evil emerges, it can only be stopped by a two-thousand-year-old sleuth Ten years ago, Douglas Zadig emerged from the mist on an English moor, his clothes tattered, his speech slurred, and his mind completely blank. Since then, he has reinvented himself as an expert on good and evil, publishing book after book of a philosophy that is entirely lifted from the ancient writings of Zoroaster. Zadig comes to Maine on the lecture circuit, and in the frigid northern winter, just as suddenly as he first appeared, he is killed. The case fascinates Simon Ark, a two-thousand-year-old Coptic priest on a ceaseless quest to hunt out the world’s ultimate evil. In “The Man from Nowhere” and the other stories in this volume, Ark flits from murder to murder, seeking supernatural explanations for the crimes. But as he knows all too well, no mystical force can compete with the evil inside the souls of men.

Dummy s Murder Between Hands and Other Mystery Short Stories

Dummy s Murder Between Hands and Other Mystery Short Stories Author Charles E. Schwarz
ISBN-10 9780595238569
Release 2002-07-01
Pages 228
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A collection of 12, some new, some previously published satirical, and/or politically incorrect mysteries which will challenge your mind, tickle your funnybone, and shock your sensibilities. The judges of World Wide Writers' Contest comments as appearing in Writers' Forum regarding Dummy's Murder Between Hands, "A marvelously funny murder mystery in the classic Agatha Christie mold. The narrator is a kind of Lord Peter Wimsey who solves the murder and has his readers in stitches on the way a take-off of the classic murder mystery."

Autumn Wind Other Stories

Autumn Wind   Other Stories Author Lane Dunlop
ISBN-10 9781462903092
Release 2011-12-27
Pages 272
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"Lane Dunlop's translations read elegantly, and his selection of modern Japanese Stories is both fresh and persuasive." —Donald Keene, Japanese scholar, historian, teacher, writer and translator of Japanese literature. The fourteen distinct voices of this collection tell fourteen very different stories spanning sixty years of twentieth-century Japanese literature. They include a nostalgic portrait of an aristocratic Meiji family in Kafu Nagai's "The Fox," a surprisingly cheerful celebration of postwar chaos in Sakaguchi Ango's "One Woman and the War," a chilly assessment of the modern society in Watanabe Junichi's "Invitation to Suicide," and much more. The writers also represent a wide spectrum, from renowned figure of Yasunari Kawabata, winner of the Noble Prize for Literature in 1968, to authors whose works have never before been translated into English. Westerners familiar only with stereotypical images of bowing geisha and dark-suited businessmen will be surprised by the cast of characters translator Lane Dunlop introduces in this anthology. Lovers of fiction and student of Japan are certain to find these stories absorbing, engaging and instructive.