Moving into Meditation

Moving into Meditation Author Anne Cushman
ISBN-10 9780834829718
Release 2014-07-08
Pages 288
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In recent years, "mindfulness" has blasted into mainstream culture much as yoga did two decades ago, making "mindful yoga" an appealing trend. But how does mindful yoga evolve from a buzz-worthy concept to a lived experience? How do yoga asanas and pranayama support and express the practice of meditation? How do you explore the teachings of the Buddha through the vehicle of your own living, breathing, human body? As we quickly learn, the practices are inherently entwined. Experienced yoga and meditation teacher Anne Cushman answers all these questions and more in Moving into Meditation, teaching us to deepen our asana practices with mindfulness meditation and enhance our meditation practice with asana. With compassion, humor, and deep intelligence, Moving into Meditation guides us through integrating mind, body, and spirit practices for a wide-awake life. The book is presented in a systematic, week-by-week format for ease of use and accessibility, and because the author is also developing an online course for which the book will be a central text. The program progresses through the Buddha's four foundations of mindfulness as well as the koshas.

Moving Into Stillness

Moving Into Stillness Author Edward Hines
ISBN-10 1500758914
Release 2013-09-02
Pages 164
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Meditative breath and movement are potent tools for personal transformation, for health development, stress release and as tool of martial arts. Learn the movement principles which you can apply that give special advantages over 'static' meditation. Moving into Stillness will give you a series of step by step techniques that are easy to learn and which you can use to cultivate states of deep peace, to free your self from habits of thought, action and emotion, as well as exercises to support martial skill. This book is more than a set of techniques though. Written by Edward Hines, a senior student of renowned Bagua master Luo Dexiu it contains clear explanations in Western terms of the process of meditation, and does not resort to jargon. If you are looking for a qigong or meditation book for a skeptical friend, then this is it. Whether you are already a martial artist, meditator, athlete, or too busy to waste time with fuzzy thinking, you will find a great deal of value here. The exercises are powerful, simple and adaptable. Clear principles and samples programs are included that you can use to develop a practice that fits with your life. You will also find extremely practical principles and exercises that will help you apply your meditative skills to communication and planning. The explanations which draw on science and experience address many misconceptions that are common in in Qigong. As such they can save you time and wasted effort. Want a book that focuses directly on the key skills, exercises and ideas of qigong and meditation, then choose this one.

The Art of Meditation

The Art of Meditation Author Robert Elias Najemy
ISBN-10 9780971011687
Release 2005-01
Pages 320
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The Art of Meditation presents a step-by-step guide on how to meditate. Extremely clear and easily employable, it touches on all aspects of the philosophy and psychology of meditation. This book has already guided thousands through the often confusing path of inner awareness and contact with our inner power and wisdom. The wide variety of meditative techniques allows the reader to choose the one that suits him or her most. The scope, wisdom and ability to foresee the readers questions and problems are the result of the author's 30 years of experience in this field.

Yoga The Spirit And Practice Of Moving Into Stilln

Yoga The Spirit And Practice Of Moving Into Stilln Author Erich Schiffmann
ISBN-10 9781476735627
Release 2013-02-05
Pages 384
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Discover the path to inner peace with this guidebook that combines hatha yoga and meditation strategies from world-renowned yoga master Erich Shiffmann. World-renowned yoga master Erich Schiffmann offers an easy-to-follow, exciting new techniques—the first to combine hatha yoga and meditation—to all who are seeking healthful beauty and inner peace.

Moving Into Ecstasy

Moving Into Ecstasy Author Jivan Amoda
ISBN-10 0007116543
Release 2002-01
Pages 283
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In a trend that's taken Europe by storm, Jivan Amoda blends dance, physical movement, meditation, chakra work, shamanism, and Tantra into a potent medium for spiritual awakening.

Chinese Traditional Meditation

Chinese Traditional Meditation Author Weimin Kwauk
ISBN-10 9781434301512
Release 2007
Pages 88
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About a renegade pirate, a ruthless man set forth to pillage and plunder across the galaxy. Set in motion a plan of revenge against a man named RC Steel. In this story, a friend will be found that was lost, their will be betrayal of another and a destruction of a homeworld. Revenge like no other and a great love of all centuries, that RC Steel must survive to save his great love in the " Pirates of the Stars."

The 5 Points of Power and Wisdom

The 5 Points of Power and Wisdom Author Nicola Jayne
ISBN-10 9781780997025
Release 2013-04-26
Pages 167
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The 5 Points of Power and Wisdom is a two-part course in Spiritual and Psychic Development. Part 1 explores philosophy and spiritual development and also repairing the path, removing blocks to the true self and creating the way to intuitive living. The emphasis is on perception, to help the reader heal any faults in thinking and overcome any negativity from past actions or hurt. This helps the reader move forward into a loving, positive and productive future. Part 2 Looks at Psychic Development. It is here that I provide the steps for intuitive learning and a spring board for psychic exploration, looking at topics like Psychic Protection, Chakras and Spirit Guides. The Practical exercises included are on Automatic writing, Flower readings, Crystalomany, Pyromancy and Psychometry.


Meditation Author Mary Mageau
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The subject of meditation and the great benefits it offers remains a news-worthy topic, as many people now make meditation a part of their daily routine. In this book, Meditation, you will learn; *Why you should meditate *Three meditation techniques *Group and global meditation *Merging meditation into daily life Are you ready to get started?

Alternative States of Consciousness in Shamanism Imaginal Psychotherapies Hypnotherapy and Meditation Including a Shamanism and Meditation Inspired Personal and Professional Training Program for the 21st Century Psychotherapist

Alternative States of Consciousness in Shamanism  Imaginal Psychotherapies  Hypnotherapy  and Meditation Including a Shamanism and Meditation Inspired Personal and Professional Training Program for the 21st Century Psychotherapist Author Allen Holmquist
ISBN-10 9781581123579
Release 2009-08-01
Pages 600
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Shamanism, hypnosis, imaginal psychotherapies, and meditation are based on the use of what we in the modern western world think of as non-ordinary human consciousness. These four modalities have fundamental similarities and differences in purpose, theory, technique, type of alternative consciousness, and their application of non-ordinary reality. Shamanism, the oldest and most intertwined with the cultures in which it is practiced, will be explored as a model for individual healing and transformation and professional training. The shamanic way will also be explored as a model of consciousness and a world-view that offers individuals, groups, and society much needed coping mechanisms, healing techniques, and transformative values that may be helpful in dealing with this trying and important transition time for humanity. Imaginal therapies, meditation and hypnosis all have their roots in shamanism, although in some parts of the world at certain times in history, shamanism borrowed from meditation in its adaptation and development.

Matrix Meditations

Matrix Meditations Author Victor Daniels
ISBN-10 9781594779701
Release 2009-06-25
Pages 416
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65 dynamic meditation techniques for manifesting your desires and multiplying the power of your mind • Contains meditation practices from both Eastern and Western traditions • Includes proven techniques for increasing mental clarity, replacing negative behaviors that have become habits, and realizing your desires Matrix Meditations offers dynamic meditation practices derived from both Eastern and Western spiritual traditions to develop intuition, manifest desires, and empower the self by forging a strong heart-mind relationship. The authors provide a systematic 16-week program that is designed to develop heightened awareness and deeper states of consciousness for readers with any level of meditation experience, moving from lessons in classical Eastern techniques to advanced levels that employ methods not found elsewhere. Four key forms of meditation are used in the book: concentration, mindfulness, contemplation, and adventures in awareness. These are applied to specific practices that range from improving mental clarity and memory to replacing self-limiting patterns of thinking and behaving in which you may be trapped. Each of the 65 meditations offers a doorway into a different chamber of your consciousness and an opportunity to learn more about your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual nature. The matrix can also be used as an oracle to guide you to the most valuable meditation you need for the present moment--be it love, balance, conflict, dreams, renewal, or celebration. These meditation techniques are designed to create healing and harmony between the mind and emotions, allowing you to attain not only greater financial and emotional security and well-being but also life-long spiritual growth.

Knowing Body Moving Mind

Knowing Body  Moving Mind Author Patricia Q Campbell
ISBN-10 9780199911363
Release 2011-09-02
Pages 250
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Knowing Body, Moving Mind investigates ritualizing and learning in introductory meditation classes at two Buddhist centers in Toronto, Canada. The centers, Friends of the Heart and Chandrakirti, are led and attended by Western (sometimes called "convert') Buddhists: that is, people from non-Buddhist familial and cultural backgrounds. Inspired by theories that suggest that rituals impart new knowledge or understanding, Patricia Campbell examines how introductory meditation students learn through formal Buddhist practice. Along the way, she also explores practitioners' reasons for enrolling in meditation classes, their interests in Buddhism, and their responses to formal Buddhist practices and to ritual in general. Based on ethnographic interviews and participant-observation fieldwork, the text follows interview participants' reflections on what they learned in meditation classes and through personal practice, and what roles meditation and other ritual practices played in that learning. Participants' learning experiences are illuminated by an influential learning theory called Bloom's Taxonomy, while the rites and practices taught and performed at the centers are explored using performance theory, a method which focuses on the performative elements of ritual's postures and gestures. But the study expands the performance framework as well, by demonstrating that performative ritualizing includes the concentration techniques that take place in a meditator's mind. Such techniques are received as traditional mental acts or behaviors that are standardized, repetitively performed, and variously regarded as special, elevated, spiritual or religious. Having established a link between mental and physical forms of ritualizing, the study then demonstrates that the repetitive mental techniques of meditation practice train the mind to develop new skills in the same way that physical postures and gestures train the body. The mind is thus experienced as both embodied and gestural, and the whole of the body as socially and ritually informed.


Meditation Author Bedson Paul
ISBN-10 9781459603967
Release 2010-10-01
Pages 588
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A rich and skillfully nuanced introduction to the varied landscape of meditation practice and its healing and transformative potential.' - Jon Kabat-Zinn, author of Arriving at Your Own Door and Letting Everything Become Your Teacher 'An engaging journey into the benefits of developing a practice of focusing your mind to promote both mental and physical well-being.' - Daniel J. Siegel M.D., author of The Mindful Brain and Mindsight 'In an inclusive way Ian Gawler and Paul Bedson introduce people to the basic ideas of meditation which prepare the reader for the choice of practice that suits them best.' - Father Laurence Freeman OSB, Director of the World Community for Christian Meditation is increasingly recommended for relaxation and stress management, to enhance relationships and wellbeing, to increase performance in sport and business, for personal growth, to transform pain and to assist healing. From two leading Western meditation teachers comes this inspiring and comprehensive guide for anyone who wants to know how to meditate well. Introducing Mindfulness-Based Stillness Meditation, Ian Gawler and Paul Bedson explain how to build a satisfying meditation practice using four easy to learn steps. They also show how meditation can be used to deepen spiritual practice, whether we have a commitment to a particular religious tradition, or a more secular view of our spirituality. Drawing on modern science as well as ancient Eastern traditions and the authors' own extensive personal experience as practitioners and teachers, this guide offers the techniques and understanding needed to explore meditation practice deeply. It is also an invaluable resource for meditation teachers from all backgrounds.

Healing Massage

Healing Massage Author Marsha Jelonek Walker
ISBN-10 0766806928
Release 2003
Pages 524
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Presents a collection of massage routines that promote healing and well-being.

Yoga Beyond Belief

Yoga Beyond Belief Author Ganga White
ISBN-10 9781583943359
Release 2011-03-15
Pages 256
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Yoga Beyond Belief offers a unique vision of contemporary yoga. It integrates scientific and practical approaches providing a much-needed integrative perspective that complements existing yoga books for all levels and styles of yoga students. Serving up a collection of valuable insights gleaned from a lifetime of exploration, practice, study, and teaching by one of America’s pioneering and leading teachers of yoga, the book assists readers in making sense of the many discordant claims and teaching techniques that currently exist in the yoga world, freeing readers to pursue their own individual paths of yoga and personal practice. This is an essential text and reference for all yoga practitioners. The book first sets a context for an open-minded and evolutionary approach to yoga practice, and then explains the core principles of the many branches of yoga. A clear foundation is given for how the physical practices of yoga work to produce remarkable results of health and well being. The chapter Injury, Pain, and Healing shows how to prevent injuries and how to heal injuries should they occur. The reader is given a wealth of sophisticated of tools, insights, and anecdotes gleaned from a lifetime of practice and teaching to develop, hone, and tune his or her personal yoga approach. This book makes yoga come alive for the reader. The book concludes by going beyond the physical aspects to the heart of yoga. It illuminates and gives insight into the discovery of non-dogmatic forms and evolutionary approaches to meditation and spirituality. It presents a clear argument showing the pitfalls of regimented systems and how to make everything in daily life part of yoga practice and spiritual development. Ganga White gives us his unique and creative perspectives on a time-tested discipline for a healthy and vital life. Entertaining and thoroughly readable, this book offers a coherent explication of yoga, its philosophy and practice. White’s integrative views will inspire beginners and accomplished yogis to trust their inner wisdom and creatively reassess their practice. He is a great storyteller and gives us his personal and creative perspective, breathing fresh air into an ancient discipline. Yoga Beyond Belief offers an original, integrative approach to body, mind, and spirit that is practical, inspiring, and full of valuable insights to enliven and inform anyone’s yoga practice. From the Trade Paperback edition.


Buddhism Author Kevin Trainor
ISBN-10 0195173988
Release 2004
Pages 256
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In this strikingly illustrated and authoritative volume, readers have an introduction to one of the world's greatest living faiths. 200 color photos, maps & drawings.

The Book of Stones

The Book of Stones Author Robert Simmons
ISBN-10 1556436688
Release 2007
Pages 465
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"A metaphysical encyclopedia of more than three hundred crystals, minerals, and gemstones, detailing their applications for self-healing and spiritual and emotional development, along with vivid color photographs of each stone"--Provided by publisher.

Master Meditation Master Your Life

Master Meditation  Master Your Life Author Benjamin Langley
ISBN-10 1453560963
Release 2010-09-24
Pages 180
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"The seed of the book you are holding was a series of articles on This series broke site records for traffic (and still does, almost a year later), comments, and social bookmarking. People loved it, and wanted other people to know about it! This book is a powerful step in the process of personal development and spiritual growth. Working through the wisdom within will gradually give you more and more of what you are looking for in the external world, as well as deep satisfaction and happiness within. If you sincerely study just 1 tip from this book, you will walk away with a deeper understanding of meditation. With regular practice, you will be amazed at how fast you progress. Whether you are looking for meditative tools for personal development, or meditation for spiritual growth… whether you are a beginner, a veteran, or anything in-between, you need to take a sincere look at this book."