How to Draw Animals

How to Draw Animals Author
ISBN-10 0399508023
Release 1969
Pages 120
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Simple, clear instructions for drawing animals with more than 1,000 step-by-step illustrations. Basic fundamentals for the beginner, new principles and techniques for the professional. A detailed guide for everyone who enjoys--or wants to enjoy--drawing.

How to Draw Animals

How to Draw Animals Author Charles Liedl
ISBN-10 9780486136929
Release 2012-07-12
Pages 64
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Written by a renowned animal illustrator, this guidebook teems with over 100 illustrations of wild and domestic breeds: horses, deer, geese, dogs, cats, rabbits, foxes, zebras, wolves, bears, tigers, and more.

Drawing Animals

Drawing Animals Author Hugh Laidman
ISBN-10 9780486138480
Release 2012-03-15
Pages 160
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Step-by-step instructional drawings of 26 animals, wild and domestic, appear with a text that focuses on understanding animal anatomy and behavior as a key to creating natural, expressive drawings.

The Artist s Guide to Drawing Animals

The Artist s Guide to Drawing Animals Author J.C. Amberlyn
ISBN-10 9780823014248
Release 2012-11-20
Pages 192
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In this step-by-step how-to guide to creating classic portraits of animals in pencil and pen-and-ink, artist J. C. Amberlyn combines her love of pets and other familiar domestic creatures with her beautiful, detailed drawing style. Covering a variety of animals from dogs and cats to barnyard critters like cows and sheep and many more, the book covers every species with easy-to-follow instructions for drawing them from every angle imaginable. Along with seven featured examinations of Amberlyn’s artistic process, each chapter showcases the tools and techniques needed to produce your own highly detailed, lifelike drawings of a variety of well-known animal companions. The worlds of artists and animal lovers come together in this richly illustrated, in-depth guide to producing charming portraits of some of the most popular pets and domesticated creatures. Also available as an eBook From the Trade Paperback edition.

How to Draw Animals of the Rain Forest

How to Draw Animals of the Rain Forest Author Justin Lee
ISBN-10 0823957934
Release 2002
Pages 24
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Describes how to draw various rain forest animals, including the toucan, howler monkey, sloth, poison dart frog, emerald tree boa, green iguana, gorilla, and jaguar.

How to Draw Animals

How to Draw Animals Author Peter Childs
ISBN-10 1541262190
Release 2016-12-21
Pages 42
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**** BLACK & WHITE EDITION ****Easy Step by Step Guide For Kids To Understand The Basics of Drawing Animals. The "How To Draw Animals" guide will enable your child to communicate with the outside world with visual intelligence. They will learn to express their feelings, emotions and wants more efficiently. Peter Child's " How To Draw Animals" will help your children develop important cognitive skill . They will learn to express their emotions by drawing colorful animals including pets, zoo animals and animals that they see in the TV . This will teach them how to become a better artist. Targeted towards young aspiring artists seeking to develop their technical and drawing skills and build a repertoire of things from nature. Gradually your children will learn to express their feeling towards their family, friends and loved ones. They will learn to adapt to different situation and take action accordingly. For example, they will learn to recognize a Snake or a Rhino or a Deer. With time , your children will build in confidence in drawing . At the same time they will be confident to recognize more animals and reproduce any animals that they see. If you are looking for a drawing book to guide your kids through step by step, you got it! This book is simple at the same time challenging. Simplicity will mean that your children will enjoy their work. Challenging will mean that they won't get bored . They will progress higher by going through the steps. Even the youngest artists can learn how to draw cute animals from basic shapes such as circles and ellipses. This book shows how to draw 34 animals including Dog, Cat, Camel, Elephant, Horse, Deer, Rhino , Frog, Chicken, Duck , Bunny , Mouse, Parrot , Turkey, Owl, Turtle, Dolphin, Pig and so on. There are several surprising animals , too, that will amuse your children . You can color the pictures afterwards. Benefits of the book: "How To Draw Animals" by Peter Childs will help you children with- * Communication skills. * Memory and recognition skills * Hand-Eye co-ordinations * Early art concept * Pride is drawing * Understanding of the world * Motivation and patience * Color vocabulary Don't let your child fall behind. This isn't necessarily about the quality of their current artwork, it is about their ability to communicate with their surroundings. Order this book and you will see how the simple process of improving your child's ability to draw some common animals will translate into an improved ability to connect with the world.

How to Draw Animals

How to Draw Animals Author Cortina Famous Schools Staff
ISBN-10 0805015272
Release 1990-09-15
Pages 114
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This book introduces you to an exciting approach to animal drawing. It was especially created by a group of America's most eminent artists who have demonstrated the methods they have used on their distinguished careers. You, too, will find that animal drawing is one of the areas of art that can bring you much fun and excitement. Not only will you gain rich satisfaction from drawing or painting, but you'll discover that people admire creative talent-- and you'll experience the pride of achievement that comes from developing a valuable skill that most others lack. Also, if you have sufficient desire and dedication, your talent in drawing could even lead you to an exciting and challenging career as a professional artist. But, whether or not you have the ambition to be a professional, you'll find that art will be a wonderfully satisfying pursuit. In this book you'll find fresh approaches to the following features: * Capturing spirit and motion * Drawing materials and techniques * Four basic animal groups * Constructing the head * Basic forms of the body * The horse in motion * Dogs and cats-- step-by-step * Basic forms of unusual animals * Birds at rest and in flight And don't forget-- As a buyer of this book you are entitled to receive a FREE ART LESSON from a professional artist/instructor of the FAMOUS ARTISTS SCHOOL: SPECIAL FREE OFFER TO THE BUYER OF THIS BOOK! Here's a special opportunity for you...because you love to draw. Famous Artists School, the foremost institution of home study instruction in art would like you to receive a free art lesson from one of our professional artist-instructors. Therefore, you have this unusual opportunity. This is your chance to actually experience the helpful suggestions and advice of a professional instructor-- right in your own home! Famous Artists School is making this offer to demonstrate to those who are interested in drawing and painting how easy and pleasant it is to learn with the time-tested successful method the School has developed. Just complete the Lesson Project inside and mail it to Famous Schools. One of our professional instructors will personally evaluate your drawing and return it to you with helpful suggestions. This special offer is absolutely free, and there is no obligation. Explore your hidden talents-- don't miss this special opportunity.

The Weatherly Guide to Drawing Animals

The Weatherly Guide to Drawing Animals Author Joe Weatherly
ISBN-10 097103141X
Release 2003
Pages 166
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The Weatherly Guide to Drawing Animals focuses on learning how to draw animals using solid drawing principles. --publisher.

How to Draw Animals and Birds

How to Draw Animals and Birds Author A. W. Browne
ISBN-10 9781473359529
Release 2016-08-26
Pages 66
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This work by A. W. Browne was originally published in the early 20th century and we are now republishing it for the modern reader. 'How to Draw Animals and Birds' is an informative work that instructs the reader in the best methods of artistically representing animals.

Kids Draw Animals

Kids Draw Animals Author Christopher Hart
ISBN-10 1439533997
Release 2008-08-11
Pages 64
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Explores how to look at an animal, such as how it stands and walks, and provides step-by-step instructions for drawing animals from the jungle, savannah, farm, forest, and sea, as well as cartoon animals.

How to Draw Animals

How to Draw Animals Author Michael Garton
ISBN-10 190715129X
Release 2012-09-01
Pages 160
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A must-have gift for budding young artists and animal lovers alike. Contains simple step-by-step instructions to drawing a wide selection of animals - from popular pets to animals found in the wild or down on the farm. Learn how to draw realistic horses, tigers, turtles, kittens, parrots and much more. Once children have mastered the art of constructing animal shapes, they can practise their new-found skills by adding the animals to the scenes inside.

How to Draw Animals

How to Draw Animals Author Anita Ganeri
ISBN-10 0794513735
Release 2006-12-01
Pages 32
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Presents instructions for drawing a variety of animals using different drawing styles, including tips on how to show the texture of skin, fur, and hide.

You Can Draw Animals

You Can Draw Animals Author Barbara Soloff Levy
ISBN-10 0486428990
Release 2003-06-01
Pages 128
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Four-in-one book compilation includes How to Draw Animals, How to Draw Dinosaurs, How to Draw Insects, and How to Draw Aquarium Animals. Simple step-by-step diagrams.

Drawing Animals in Colored Pencil

Drawing  Animals in Colored Pencil Author Debra K. Yaun
ISBN-10 9781600581373
Release 2009-07-01
Pages 32
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An introduction to drawing animals with colored pencils covers techniques, color theory, and basic pencil strokes and includes step-by-step instructions for depicting an assortment of pets, wild animals, and birds.

Young Artists Draw Animals

Young Artists Draw Animals Author Christopher Hart
ISBN-10 9780823007196
Release 2012-10-16
Pages 144
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Do You Love Animals? Now you can learn to draw them on your own! This book has everything that the animal-loving artist needs! To get started, you’ll learn how to draw animals’ basic head and body shapes . . . and that’s just the beginning! Over 100 different animals from around the world—from playful dogs, cuddly cats, and hungry bears to clever monkeys, giant giraffes, and ferocious sharks—are broken down into easy-to-follow steps so that you can start drawing all of your favorite animals right away. Also available as an eBook

Draw Animals in Nature With Lee Hammond

Draw Animals in Nature With Lee Hammond Author Lee Hammond
ISBN-10 9781440312939
Release 2012-07-04
Pages 144
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Put the WILD in your wildlife art! Popular artist and best-selling author Lee Hammond shares her secrets for drawing some of the earth's most magnificent animals and the diverse habitats they call home. This guide breaks the challenge down step by step, showing beginners how to instantly improve accuracy in their work and inpiring more experienced artists to achieve the level of heart-beating realism illustrated inside. 30 start-to-finish demonstrations feature a wide variety of wild animals and birds, from large cats and raptors to small woodland creatures and reptiles Mini-lessons focus on drawing eyes, fur, feathers, antlers and other lifelike textures Includes expert tips for evoking the atmosphere of meadows, woodlands, mountains, skies and other natural terrains Builds on key skills--including Hammond's blended pencil technique--that make the difference between a simple line drawing and stunning realism With Hammond's proven techniques and friendly teaching style, you'll soon be able to draw not just the wonderful variety of scenes in this book, but any wildlife moment that touches your heart.

How to Draw Animals

How to Draw Animals Author Walter T. Foster
ISBN-10 OCLC:901653758
Release 1970
Pages 40
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How to Draw Animals has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from How to Draw Animals also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full How to Draw Animals book for free.