Dagger Magic

Dagger Magic Author Katherine Kurtz
ISBN-10 0441003044
Release 1996-02-01
Pages 375
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Relates how Scottish nobleman Sir Adam Sinclair's American mother, a young doctor during World War II, used her magical gifts against the Nazis

Tauji And The Magical Dagger English

Tauji And The Magical Dagger English Author Diamond Comics Pvt Ltd
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Welcome to the world of Diamond Comics. Now read your favourite comics on Google Play. Happy Reading !!

The Science of Magic Trilogy

The Science of Magic Trilogy Author Brian Neptune
ISBN-10 9781499025729
Release 2014-05-30
Pages 298
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This is a fast paced DND book. About the mages of the world . A mage is anyone who uses magic . Wizards , witches , alchemist , sorcerers , and sorceress are all examples of a mage . The science of magic is based on the philosophy that all technology and science is magic until it is understood . Quantum physics is an attempt to understand a deeper magic . Rubbing two sticks together to start a fire was magic in the beginning . But to use magic you don’t have to understand all the underling physics . You simply have to believe and know the process . Someday maybe science will understand astral projection , telepathy , telekinesis and other mental magical feats . If so it will probably be quantum physics that makes the break through . You don’t have to look far in the modern world to see magic . Look at your cell phone , your computer , your high definition television or even a simple light bulb . All these things are in a sense the science of magic . Where magic has become common place . You see and use it everyday . There was a time only wizards had such power available to them . At times through out history you would have been put to death for displaying such power . For if government could not control the power they were threatened by the power . Thus Mageville was created by society to isolate and control the uncontrollable magic . Until a time when the government could harness the power for its use . Thus through a joint effort by wizards and government we have harnessed lasers , flight , radio waves and all the other modern conveniences we take for granted . But most of the governments of the world have a city like Mageville . And the war of magic and technology rages on world wide . The common mortal mankind oblivious to the war . But a great cycle of civilization is underway . Unstoppable in its momentum . The world will learn the price of magic . The world is about to have a DND experience

High Magic

High Magic Author Frater U. D.
ISBN-10 0738704717
Release 2005
Pages 432
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Of course, Magic is Magic wherever. But Ceremonial Magic - with or without a k ending - is perceived as largely European in origin and practice. The Golden Dawn, Aurum Solis, O.T.O were European and even AMORC, B.O.T.A., G.B.G. were mostly European inspired. As valid as these esoteric orders were and are, they are at best schools and the knowledge taught is now widely available. What is key is not the knowledge but the self-accomplishment that comes only through personal experience (otherwise known as ''self-initiation''). The essence of Magic is a simple formula based on the exercise of Will, Imagination, and Gnosis or Magical Trance. It is a ''technology'' and must be mastered like any technology through understanding and practice. Like playing the piano, it takes discipline to continue practicing basic exercises until it all becomes second nature and can function as an art as well. "And, what for? " Not to perform tricks or miracles. Not to wear fancy robes and chant barbarous words. Not to reach high degrees with grand titles in a secret order. No, it is to transform and transmute your own self and thus to become more than you were, not merely to accelerate normal human evolution but to actually move beyond and be a co-creator. And to finally answer those questions: "Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going?" High Magic is an active program for self-discovery and Self-Realization. This book by a famed contemporary German magician self-instructs the student through a series of basic exercises and real magical practices that train the magician through a consistent program combined with examples and explanations. Each step isthorough without extravagance; the program is effective and entirely self-directed (as must be all real learning); the book is encyclopedic in depth and inclusive even of chaos and cyber magic. Tables and Charts simplify the learning process. The system starts with immediate immersion in ritual practice starting with the Kabbalistic Cross and Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram and moves through beginning to advanced levels of Practical Sigil Magic, Ritual Magic, Elemental Magic, the Greater Ritual of the Pentagram, Planetary Magic, the Hexagram Ritual, Mantra Meditation, the Magical Gaze, Magical Trance, the Pan Ritual, Money Magic, Talisman Magic, Moon Magic, Chaos Magic and Cyber Magic. In each case, practice is used to instruct - nothing is presented as ''theory only.'' You will find everything analyzed, explained and justified with refreshing and truly uncommon common sense! The author fully dispels the myths and subterfuges of archaic magical orders and explores the role of the Unconscious Mind, the issues of Religion and Mysticism, the nature of High and Low Magic, the function of Myth and the role of Drama in Ritual, the Magical Nature of Reality and Magical Perception, Dream Work in relation to Magical Training, the Magical Imagination and training for Visualization, Psychic Protection, Invocation and Evocation, the Calling and Movement of Energies, Charging, Paradigm Shifting, what is really means ''to Keep Silent, '' the power of Intention & definition of Magical Goals, the ritual use of Symbols and Gestures, the power of Words, the Magician''s Universe, the magical pronunciation of Hebrew Letters, the Magician''s Tools, Mantric Sigils, the IAO formula, andmuch more. High Magic is as central to Western culture as are science, technology, the rule of law, democracy and the entrepreneurial economy. Its practice and application should be part of your daily life starting now.

Spectrum of Magic Complete Series Spell Breaker Fate Shifter Cursed Stone Magic Unborn Libra

Spectrum of Magic Complete Series  Spell Breaker   Fate Shifter   Cursed Stone   Magic Unborn   Libra Author D.N. Leo
ISBN-10 9781537870700
Release 2017-07-14
Pages 836
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Magic brings them together. Now magic is tearing them apart. The childhood sweethearts left their homeland to be together. They have left magic behind, but when the paranormal world gives them no choice, they fight back and send the supernatural world into chaos. Computer hacker Lorcan can steal data from the most impossible of sources. High profile thief Orla specializes in acquiring valuable antiques. Their combined skill set twists their fate and leads them to incredible places across the multiverse. This is an urban fantasy thriller series, filled with paranormal and science fiction twists and turns! * Note: Spectrum of Magic series previously published as Spectrum of Lies which includes White Curse, Blue Fox, Indigo Stone and Red Moon. Complete Spectrum of Magic Series Book 1: Spell Breaker Book 2: Fate Shifter Book 3: Cursed Stoned Book 4: Magic Unborn Book 5: Libra - Spectrum of Magic - Epilogue

Letters on Natural Magic Addressed to Sir Walter Scott

Letters on Natural Magic  Addressed to Sir Walter Scott Author Sir David Brewster
ISBN-10 UCAL:$B202785
Release 1856
Pages 351
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Letters on Natural Magic Addressed to Sir Walter Scott has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Letters on Natural Magic Addressed to Sir Walter Scott also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Letters on Natural Magic Addressed to Sir Walter Scott book for free.

Celtic Plant Magic

Celtic Plant Magic Author Jon G. Hughes
ISBN-10 0892819243
Release 2003-02-10
Pages 288
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This is the first working guide to the creation and application of plant-based compounds for magical and healing purposes as well as Celtic Sex rituals based on the Druidic tradition.

Cloak Dagger

Cloak   Dagger Author Carey Scheppner
ISBN-10 9781496914651
Release 2014-05
Pages 410
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"Water, Earth, Fire, and Air Alone give strength, together despair!" A mysterious disease is affecting the mages in the Tower of Sorcery. Kazin, now an arch mage, is charged with discovering the source of the illness. He learns this same plague is sweeping down from the north, leaving people and livestock dead or dying. Try as they might, the clerics in the Tower of Hope are unable to heal the disease. Tracking the source of the plague into the mountains, Kazin encounters a new group of unlikely adventurers who assist him on his quest. The sudden inexplicable appearance of elementals in the mortal realm complicates matters, and threatens worldwide cataclysmic devastation should all four elementals be summoned simultaneously. This forces Kazin to confront many unknown dangers and challenges as he leads his group deeper into the mountains. Can Kazin and his companions prevent this worldwide devastation, and eliminate the source of the plague before it's too late? Find out now in Cloak & Dagger, Book II of The Dragon Mage Trilogy! Check out www.dragonmagetrilogy.com

Letters on Natural Magic

Letters on Natural Magic Author Sir David Brewster
ISBN-10 UCAL:B2837394
Release 1868
Pages 424
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Letters on Natural Magic has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Letters on Natural Magic also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Letters on Natural Magic book for free.

Letter on Natural Magic addressed to Sir Walter Scott Bart

Letter on Natural Magic  addressed to Sir Walter Scott  Bart Author Sir David Brewster
ISBN-10 BL:A0018337431
Release 1868
Pages 424
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Letter on Natural Magic addressed to Sir Walter Scott Bart has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Letter on Natural Magic addressed to Sir Walter Scott Bart also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Letter on Natural Magic addressed to Sir Walter Scott Bart book for free.

Night Magic A Rouge Paranormal Romance

Night Magic  A Rouge Paranormal Romance Author Jennifer Lyon
ISBN-10 9781446491461
Release 2011-11-14
Pages 384
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Ailish Donovan is a witch, raised unaware of her powers. She is only sixteen when her mother tricks her into binding with the demon Asmodeus. Pure-hearted Ailish escapes but pays a heavy price: for the next eight years, she is shunned by her earth sisters and tormented by the demon's lust. After hardening her body and mind Ailish returns home to break the bond - or die. The Wing Slayer Hunter Phoenix Torq is sworn to protect earth witches, but he is shaken by Ailish's fierce independence - and his own forbidden cravings. Torn between mistrust and desire, each must go to hell and back to seek the magic that could set them both free. Rouge romance - the best paranormal romance novels. If you like Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight and The Vampire Diaries books. you'll love Jennifer Lyon's magical Wing Slayer series.

The Magic Thief

The Magic Thief Author Kendall Kulper
ISBN-10 9781408335215
Release 2015-11-05
Pages 320
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Mal has an idylic childhood on Prince Island with Essie, the next witch of Salt and Storm. But all that changes when Essie, in a fit of anger, tells everyone what he really is. With no choice but to leave his home, Mal becomes the magic thief, stealing magical items for the higest bidder. And when he steals the shar, a knife with the ability to cut the magic out of those it touches, he finally finds a way to get his revenge on the girl he once loved...

The Dagger Key

The Dagger Key Author Daniel Ferguson
ISBN-10 9780595414543
Release 2007-12
Pages 256
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Multiple simplicities create a collage of adventure in this mystery thriller, most any adventurous soul might enjoy. As we journey to the Moxcedean Galaxy, over one hundred thousand years ago, to the planet Zacterron. Our tale begins in the fishing town, Omakohak. In a period where oil lamps and candles give light to the dark of the night, swords and daggers rule wrong from right, and innocence is in a time of creative prosperity, with evil at its back door. A window opens into the dreams of unknown realities, yet to be understood by Kyhawn, the dreamer. A voyage across the Zacton Ocean unfolds a chain of events that had long been forgotten. In this epic of friendship amongst three Zacterronians, in a world of change brought about by strange happenings and unburied treasures, which hold the fate of hope, as betrayal tries to darken the light of all that is good. As their freedom crosses the ocean into the unknown, they discover the chest they're harboring is not what it seemed.

The Spell of the Black Dagger

The Spell of the Black Dagger Author Lawrence Watt-Evans
ISBN-10 9781479402601
Release 2015-02-25
Pages 152
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Tabaea the Thief stole something more precious than Dragons' Blood from the enchanted old house: evesdropping on the doddering wizard who owned the place, she stole the secret of wizardry itself.

The Dagger s Path

The Dagger s Path Author Glenda Larke
ISBN-10 9781405529174
Release 2015-01-13
Pages 448
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THEY FOLLOW WHERE THE DAGGER LEADS Ardhi, Sorrel and the excommunicated cleric, Saker Rampion, stow away on a ship to the Spice Islands. They must return stolen items of great power to Ardhi's home, but there are ruthless men after this power, men who will kill to possess it. At home in Ardrone, an army of demonic origin runs amok while Saker's superiors in the church struggle to quell it. And the young queen Mathilda struggles with the possibility that her newborn child, the heir to the throne, may be linked to the corruption that has erupted throughout the land. Sorcerers, lascars, pirates and thieves collide in this thrilling sequel to Glenda Larke's epic fantasy adventure The Lascar's Dagger.

Dorrin s End Fantasy Short Story Freebie Free Magic

Dorrin s End  Fantasy Short Story  Freebie  Free  Magic Author Sandra Miller
Release 2014-05-30
Pages 5
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A Free Fantasy Short Story A hapless young commoner meets a conniving old wizard in a cave rumored to be filled with treasure--and only one of them can leave. Approximately 5 pages. Freebie Fantasy, Magic, Wizards, Short Story

The Dragon Revenant

The Dragon Revenant Author Katharine Kerr
ISBN-10 9780307573384
Release 2009-12-23
Pages 432
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For years the provinces of Deverry have been in turmoil; now the conflict escalates with the kidnapping of Rhodry Maelwaedd, heir to the throne of Aberwyn. Intent on rescuing him, his beloved Jill and the elven wizard Salamander infiltrate the distant land of Bardex, where Rhodry is held captive. Tied to Deverry by obligation and circumstance, the immortal wizard Nevyn begins to see that all the kingdom's problems can be traced to a single source: a master of dark magics, backed by a network of evil that stretches across the sea. Now Nevyn understands that he too is being lured away to Bardek--and into a subtle, deadly trap designed especially for him. Katharine Kerr's novels of the Kingdom of Deverry unfold in a world of stunning richness and depth. Her vivid portrayal of characters caught in a complex web of fate and magic captures the imagination with a realism that few can match. Now she retums to this enchanted kingdom, where the wheels of destiny are tuming anew. From the Paperback edition.